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Rajah just won't go away...

So, the post below this one concerns a horrific fic which, by the way, is in the WRONG section. That fic has been deleted--after I flamed it--and reposted... with about two corrections. Please, I'm begging all of you now, GO FLAME IT. I don't think I have the fortitude to spend another 6 hours wasting my life to improve this bitch's, but I ask you to at least try.

Old love New love
by kagome evans

As I don't want to leave a review incase I feel the need to flame again, I am sending the author an email. The email reads as follows:

Listen, bitch, I'm glad you didn't stop writing at all, but I looked at the repost of the fic that I flamed, and I have to tell you, I'd flame it again in a heartbeat if I had the time to spare.

That last flame I sent to you was ten pages long in Times New Roman font, size 12. It took six hours to put together in a coherent, flowing manner that I thought you MIGHT be able to understand. I was up until 4 in the morning writing that monster for YOUR benefit, and the benefit of your co-author. I don't flame because I like it, I flame to improve.

After all that effort, the LEAST you could do is send me an email saying that you recieved my flame and decided to think it over.

What, are you like, 10 or something? The only way I can even begin to understand the lack of overall general improvement in the repost--despite the long and thorough flame--is your lack of age and experience. Can you even READ?

This fic is STILL rated G, STILL has your Mary Sue character, and STILL has the tigers.

Listen, the only overall improvement you even BOTHERED to make on this story was capitalizing all of the names and fixing the paragraphs. Not that those aren't huge leaps of quality in and of themselves, but when weighed against the enormous mistakes you are STILL making... it really isn't an improvement. Where are the quotation marks? How about your details? You should understand and implement grammar before I'll even touch on your plot again.

Email me back, or I will flame again, and I will send others to flame your other... fics...

~ SilverCaladan ~

p.s. Don't be a fucking coward. I'm actually rather nice once you have the balls to talk to me.

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