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lions, TIGERS, and bears, oh my!

So I guess that this is the first post on the community. Whoopee! Actually, right now, I'm rather pissed off at this one girl I just finished flaming. My flame was 10 pages in Times New Roman font, size 12. I got frustrated and decided to not address a few of the points, too O.o

It was actually a co-written fic, and it was one of the stupidest pieces of shit I have ever seen. Think of all of the cliche, Mary Sue driven plot points in the GW universe that you can, mash them all up into one fic, toss in complete lack of understanding concerning the English language, and you've got this fic.

The points actually... amuse me in their stupidity. Take this line, copied and pasted directly from the fic:

Everyone on the streets stared it was not an ordinary sight to see a girl
        who looked only about 18 walking by herslf with two tigers at her side. Espicelly a girl in a long black trench coat."

Oh yea, because you know, a girl wearing a trenchcoat is just soooo much more suspicious and unusual than TWO FUCKING TIGERS!!

It goes on to be even stupider. It seems as if the writer was trying to add in some sort of originality to the project, but just ended up seeming even more moronic.

The secretary nodded and sent her to his office. Kagome entered and nodded to the doctor ahh said doctor jay did you have a safe trip 01/2 ? kagome grunted in response."

This one took me a while to figure out, but eventually I realized that like OZ sometimes called the pilots by their codenames (01, 02, 03, etc.), the writer was having Dr. J, which she misspelled, call her character "Kagome" ((oh WOW, I do so wonder where she got that name from!)) by a similar codename.

But 01/2?! What in the nine fucking hells is up with that?!

Is the author trying to say that "Kagome", who she ADMITTED was based on herself, is better than any of the other pilots because she's got a smaller number? I wasn't aware there was half a colony floating along at JAP point L1/2.

Ahh, but don't forget that even though the character has had only two months of training in everything at once, she can kick everyone's ass, and, when she doesn't feel like it, her tigers do it for her. Toss in a recolored duplicate of Wing Zero, and IT'S PARTY TIME.

God, go flame it yourselves.

old love new love
by: kagome evans

Oh, and I didn't forget to capitalize, the author knows absolutely nothing about grammar ^^

~ SilverCaladan ~

p.s. lions, TIGERS, and bears, OH MY!
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God, I love you :) Might want to edit this to say that she deleted it though. :| DFLKJ:FLKJCLDJF Post your email, too :)