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THE SMELL BEFORE THE STORM [05 Aug 2004|10:37pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Alright, time for another fucking rant about a mother fucking HORRIBLE GW/SM fic. Why do all the fucking shitty stories have to be produced in OUR section? Seriously, all the crap that manifests in here is like the same shit over and over and over again and it's getting really fucking sad. Why can't I just be allowed to DELETE THE FUCKING SHIT? No, I have to teach these poor, pathetic souls *lessons*. FUCK ME.

Staring Anew
by: AnimeMonster

It's so sad when people don't have enough imagination to somehow incorperate ages into the story itself. SERIOUSLY, do you really need to take our time by naming each character and putting "13" and "17". Do we even need to know this stuff now? Can't we make generalizations with the plot? They're in SCHOOL, aren't they? So obviously they aren't going to be in college, which makes them less than 18. If you put a grade, like a senior, then we'll know. It's not hard...but somehow people just can't grasp the idea that readers HAVE BRAINS MUCH BIGGER THAN THEIR OWN!

FOR FUCKS SAKE. I AM NOT JOKING. When something is in QUOTATION MARKS, people GENERALLY know that the text INSIDE those marks are being SAID by somebody. It's in BOOKS for fucks sakes; it's not like you MADE IT UP. It's been in English literature FOR EVER. Not to mention, apostrophes do not mark people's thoughts. They're for contractions or to show possession... :\ Or you simply don't mark it and add in "he thought/she thought/I thought/you thought". Lastly: no one has telepathy. I mean, sure, perhaps someone does but no one in the SM or GW mangas or animes do. That means you don't give that trait to them. No :) Put it away, save it for orginal characters (like yourself *cough* if you could call your pathetic self that).

3. Why the hell are you trying to put shit in HTML in the first place? Why do you people even try? If you understand how to make things bold, italics, center, and underlined, you should surely know how to make those things actually happen: name it .html. IT'S NOT THAT HARD IF YOU ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE TUTORIALS!

'“Duo, don’t erase so hard, your turning us pink,” the first guy whispered to his friend.'

Your? How about YOU ARE? Since when does your = you are? Never EVER. Are people that ignorant in school? Since they hate every other subject, they null out the rest; they don't pay attention no matter what? I don't see how anyone can mistake "your" for "you're". If you sound it out, you'll KNOW which one you must use. If you're going for "you are" you use "you're" if you're going for possesion (your book), you use "your". You know that you ARE NOT a book, but that it BELONGS to you, therefore it's YOURS.

'The Perfect Soldier is what they call me. Sure during the war I acted cold, emotionless, and mission obsessed, but it was only an act.'

Someone must've surely shot me and I'm in hell right now. But I thought I should be seeing this pathetic author with me, so this must be reality. HEERO YUY, IN THIS REALITY, WAS MEAN, BITTER, COLD, EMOTIONLESS, UNFEELING, CALLOUS, AND ASTUTE! He was fucking TRAINED to be that way almost since he was fucking BORN and no one can change that! He most certainly did not put on a mask making people believe that's the way he is because all those years of training would've eventually turned him out to be that way ANYWAYS. If you've read the book "Ender's Game", you'd know what I mean.

'I lost Relena to this act. She used to love me, but the act made it seemed that I hated her ... I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but life and fate had other plans, obviously.'

This is so much bullshit it's making up my whole fucking system. Does this author want to make me fucking VOMIT on his/her SHOES? This is so pathetic I just want to bang my head into a metal bar many, many times just to see if this fic will make *any* more sense. But, sadly, I don't think it'll make much of a difference. Being bloody can't make one understand illogical drabble.

Heero is unfeeling. That means he does not love, no matter how much someone might show him affection. If anything, he probably should've killed her all of those times because she was weighing him down, making his missions dangerous for "innocent" people like her. Someone could have easily seen how much she loved him and assumed he loved her back and thus kidnap her (much like Mariemaia but for different purposes). So why would he let that bagage float with him in his already-stuffed gundam? :\

This whole writing in the journal? No. NEVER. You should NEVER write down things that you don't want anyone to read. Why? Because someone will eventually find it and read it. Unless Heero BURNED the pages after he wrote them...he'd be stupid in writing that all down. The whole thing! Why would he even give someone, a spy perhaps, the opertunity to look over his shoulder and read his inner, most personal thoughts? HEERO YUY IS A GOD DAMN SOLDIER. HE IS NOT FUCKING STUPID. I'm just a girl and I know not to do that.

I don't have the patience to look through the rest. Not now, at least. I have work tomorrow, damnit, and I need to read and go to bed. I hate imbelices. God, show mercy :\

Fucking tired, Transcendent, the almost-mighty.

P.S. I scrolled up and forgot about my unhappiness about two things:
1) "I’m just tired of the cliché Usagi goes to the GW universe, ect. Ficcies, so I wrote something new. At least in my opinion it’s new." Yeah, I'm tired of it two. That's the reason I'm going to flame this bullshit fic. Emotional!Heero is an unforgivable sin in my book :\ As for Usagi, I didn't get that far and I hope this author doesn't either.
2) "Warning OOC ness and OC’s maybe even me." What happend to being tired of cliché? Is this saying that the cliché!Usagi this author was talking about is the REAL Usagi? The KLUTZ Usagi? The one who whines, cries, screams, kicks, skips, jumps, acts-like-a-five-year-old Usagi? That's the Usagi Takeuchi Naoko intended for her to be, not...whatever this author is planning on making her. As for Heero...... I'm just disgusted with "AnimeMonster" (a little girl who watches anime day and night, only to write fics during the commercials to *eat* the real plots & characters and replace them with ...other shit) and that imbecilic brain of his/hers. I'm not going to even make a comment about adding in another character that HAPPENS to be of him/herself. If they're that desperate for attention...........................I pity them.

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Rajah just won't go away... [05 Aug 2004|12:19am]

[ mood | angry ]

So, the post below this one concerns a horrific fic which, by the way, is in the WRONG section. That fic has been deleted--after I flamed it--and reposted... with about two corrections. Please, I'm begging all of you now, GO FLAME IT. I don't think I have the fortitude to spend another 6 hours wasting my life to improve this bitch's, but I ask you to at least try.

Old love New love
by kagome evans

As I don't want to leave a review incase I feel the need to flame again, I am sending the author an email. The email reads as follows:

Listen, bitch, I'm glad you didn't stop writing at all, but I looked at the repost of the fic that I flamed, and I have to tell you, I'd flame it again in a heartbeat if I had the time to spare.

That last flame I sent to you was ten pages long in Times New Roman font, size 12. It took six hours to put together in a coherent, flowing manner that I thought you MIGHT be able to understand. I was up until 4 in the morning writing that monster for YOUR benefit, and the benefit of your co-author. I don't flame because I like it, I flame to improve.

After all that effort, the LEAST you could do is send me an email saying that you recieved my flame and decided to think it over.

What, are you like, 10 or something? The only way I can even begin to understand the lack of overall general improvement in the repost--despite the long and thorough flame--is your lack of age and experience. Can you even READ?

This fic is STILL rated G, STILL has your Mary Sue character, and STILL has the tigers.

Listen, the only overall improvement you even BOTHERED to make on this story was capitalizing all of the names and fixing the paragraphs. Not that those aren't huge leaps of quality in and of themselves, but when weighed against the enormous mistakes you are STILL making... it really isn't an improvement. Where are the quotation marks? How about your details? You should understand and implement grammar before I'll even touch on your plot again.

Email me back, or I will flame again, and I will send others to flame your other... fics...

~ SilverCaladan ~

p.s. Don't be a fucking coward. I'm actually rather nice once you have the balls to talk to me.

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lions, TIGERS, and bears, oh my! [04 Aug 2004|04:03am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

So I guess that this is the first post on the community. Whoopee! Actually, right now, I'm rather pissed off at this one girl I just finished flaming. My flame was 10 pages in Times New Roman font, size 12. I got frustrated and decided to not address a few of the points, too O.o

It was actually a co-written fic, and it was one of the stupidest pieces of shit I have ever seen. Think of all of the cliche, Mary Sue driven plot points in the GW universe that you can, mash them all up into one fic, toss in complete lack of understanding concerning the English language, and you've got this fic.

The points actually... amuse me in their stupidity. Take this line, copied and pasted directly from the fic:

Everyone on the streets stared it was not an ordinary sight to see a girl
        who looked only about 18 walking by herslf with two tigers at her side. Espicelly a girl in a long black trench coat."

Oh yea, because you know, a girl wearing a trenchcoat is just soooo much more suspicious and unusual than TWO FUCKING TIGERS!!

It goes on to be even stupider. It seems as if the writer was trying to add in some sort of originality to the project, but just ended up seeming even more moronic.

The secretary nodded and sent her to his office. Kagome entered and nodded to the doctor ahh said doctor jay did you have a safe trip 01/2 ? kagome grunted in response."

This one took me a while to figure out, but eventually I realized that like OZ sometimes called the pilots by their codenames (01, 02, 03, etc.), the writer was having Dr. J, which she misspelled, call her character "Kagome" ((oh WOW, I do so wonder where she got that name from!)) by a similar codename.

But 01/2?! What in the nine fucking hells is up with that?!

Is the author trying to say that "Kagome", who she ADMITTED was based on herself, is better than any of the other pilots because she's got a smaller number? I wasn't aware there was half a colony floating along at JAP point L1/2.

Ahh, but don't forget that even though the character has had only two months of training in everything at once, she can kick everyone's ass, and, when she doesn't feel like it, her tigers do it for her. Toss in a recolored duplicate of Wing Zero, and IT'S PARTY TIME.

God, go flame it yourselves.

old love new love
by: kagome evans

Oh, and I didn't forget to capitalize, the author knows absolutely nothing about grammar ^^

~ SilverCaladan ~

p.s. lions, TIGERS, and bears, OH MY!

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